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Our Services

Blue Heron Collaborative is a consultancy whose mission is to help teams and leaders thrive by
reigniting their purpose and increasing collaboration. We believe in strength-based
development for growth and connection. 

Our focus is on the people side to optimize business outcomes.

Team Development 

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Global leadership and team coaching using team diagnostic tools, coaching, and various
assessments, we work with teams to create environments of trust, collaboration, empathy, and
emotional acumen.

Facilitate strategic meetings and offsites to enable leaders to gain clarity on decisions, team values, roles and purpose. We design and
facilitate sessions to engender strategic goal setting and team cohesiveness.

Individual and Team Coaching

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Let’s find your spark, affirming your purpose, in work and beyond through coaching individuals
or teams. For individual coaching, we use a client-centered approach and work with you one-to-
one, either in person or virtually. Engagements are typically three to six months. For team
coaching, we use workshops, dialogue circles, webinars, and more.

Leadership Development

Leadership Dev.png

Design, development, and facilitation of virtual and live learning solutions using multiple
modalities, tapping into the power of narrative, encouraging hands-on practice and follow-up.

Gain insight for yourself or your team with the Enneagram. The Enneagram framework helps
you to understand your deepest levels of intrinsic motivation, conflicts, and self-limiting beliefs,
to create awareness and potential for accelerated, integrative and sustainable development.
The Enneagram enables you to develop over time, guided by a deep coaching process that
supports application, rapid results and deep self-awareness.

Career Development & Transitions

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In 1:1 coaching session we can help you with your career development either within your
company or beyond. We have expertise in career assessments, personal branding with
vision and mission development, enhancing communication skills, giving and receiving
feedback, mentoring, networking, and informational interviewing.

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